4 Things to Consider for Accurate Homeowners Insurance Calculator Estimation

Homeowner’s insurance calculators help you to estimate the amount of the home insurance quote based on the details of your needs. At the most basic level, homeowners insurance calculators ask you to input your geographical location and the amount of your home’s square footage for estimating your insurance cost roughly. To have more accurate estimation, you will need to include more information other than your ZIP code and the home’s square footage. The more you know your needs, the more accurate the homeowner’s insurance calculator estimation will be. This article will guide you to consider what you will need before deciding to apply for homeowners insurance. Here are four basic coverage’s you need to consider to include in your insurance calculator for more accurate estimation cost.

1. Risks for structural damage

Risks for structural damage can be in the form of vandalism, arson, accidental fire damage, lightning strike, earthquake, flood, hurricane, or other hazards. Besides covering structural damage, insurance policy can cover damage to detached structures too (e.g. a garage blown away by hurricane). Deciding which risks you will want to be covered in the insurance and inputting them in the calculator will help improving the homeowner’s insurance calculator estimation.

2. Liability coverage

Liability coverage will be beneficial if someone accidentally gets injured on your property or when their property is damaged on your premises. Liability coverage also works in reversed situation; it covers the situation when you are injured on somebody else’s property or when you accidentally damage other person’s property. Normally, liability coverage for individuals will cost you only a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, when you choose coverage for your property, the coverage may range around $100,000 to $300,000. In case you are sued for damaging someone’s property or injuring someone on your property, the insurance will cover your legal cost within the limit of the policy.

3. Incidental living expenses

In case you have to temporarily move out of your home during disasters, home repairs, or other unexpected events, you will need to think about short-termed accommodations for you and perhaps your family. Considering this risk will also matters for accurate homeowner’s insurance calculator estimation. When you include this type of policy in your insurance, you will be guaranteed of incidental living expenses such as hotel bills, rents, and meals.

4. Valuable items and personal belongings

Your home can cost you a lot when it comes to repairing. However, you will be surprised to know that for replacing it contents, it will cost you rather great amount as well. Without you realizing it, your home might contain many valuable items such as electronic appliances, furniture, clothing, jewelry, artworks, furs, and other collectibles. These items are the reason why you will need to include coverage against damage and theft in your insurance. In general, insurance companies usually include the risks as a percentage of the whole value of your home. A good measurement for your valuables can be done by making inventory of your belongings. That way, when the unexpected and unwanted things happen, you will have sufficient replacement for your valuable loss.

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