5 Reasons to Have Holiday Home Insurance

So are you one of those lucky people who have or are looking to invest in a second home, a place to escape to and enjoy with the family. You could own a property abroad and be enjoying the sun and a different culture, or it could a second property in the UK, somewhere different to go to that you can still call home.

You may also see it as an investment opportunity and rent it so others can enjoy your property and its surrounding areas. But, no matter where your property is or how you intend to use it, you should always think about Holiday Home Insurance, just like you would for you usual place of residence. It’s something that many do not think about enough and below are the 5 main reasons why you should you invest in Holiday Home Insurance:

1. Protect your home against the guests damage – physical damage to windows, doors etc.

In an ideal world, people renting your accommodation will treat it like their own home, treating it with care and respect. I am sure most will, but even the most careful guests can have accidents and cause damage to your property. Therefore important to get the necessary cover required as some Insurance Companies do not include accidental damage, so read the small print!!

2. Protects the home against natural risks or accidents – burst pipes, floods etc.

People always think ‘that will never happen to me’. Sometimes the most unlikely events can happen and we are not prepared. This same principle can be applied to Holiday Home Insurance, with flooding becoming an increasing problem in many holiday destinations in UK and accidents such as burst pipes causing damage to the property and contents. Holiday Home Insurance policies offer different levels of cover to protect you and your investment.

3. Protect the visitors against risks

Ever thought about the visitors staying at your property? What happens if they have an accident, injure themselves? Make sure Public liability insurance is included. With today’s ever increasing recourse to sue, this will cover you should injure them. For example slip, trip and fall claims whilst holiday letting.

4. Good Selling Point For Potential Visitors

Having Holiday Home Insurance isn’t all about covering you and your investment; it’s a good selling feature too. If a rental client is looking for a property and they know you have a comprehensive insurance policy, this can give them peace of mind and could be a deciding factor in choosing your accommodation to rent.

5. Keeps the investment safe

I think all of the above points all link together as they are all helping you to keep your Investment Safe. Having a second home has its risks, especially as it may be vacant for periods of the year. You want to have the security that you and your home are protected, to enable you and the others who may be staying at your home, to fully enjoy the experience. The whole point of having the home is to get away from everyday life and its worries, so make sure you invest in Holiday Home Insurance so you can relax and make the most of your investment.

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