5 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

Home insurance coverage is broken down into two parts. One part of your home insurance policy talks about insuring the property’s construction of your home, and the other part works towards protecting the movable objects, fixtures, valuables and personal belongings inside. There are many different kinds of home insurance coverage plans that suit each house and owner.

Homeowners Insurance companies will reduce your total premiums if you make a few recommended changes to enhance security. Also, take a look at your home insurance policy and decide what may not be necessary. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your insurance policy:

  1. Tighten security: Your insurance company offers discounts for any construction upgrades done to the home which offer added protection against theft. Fit all windows and doors with approved locking mechanisms. Install a home security alarm from an approved company. Declare any special modifications done to the home to store valuables such as the installation of a home safe.
  2. Adjust your lifestyle: There are many living habits and life choices that might bring down the value of a home. Keeping your house in pristine condition will keep your premiums from going up. If you don’t smoke or own pets, if you maintain your property well, you are awarded lower premiums.
  3. Eliminate excess: Typical homeowners insurance policies cover a lot of ground. There might be a few items that you might not care to cover. Take a look at your insurance policy and determine what is necessary and what isn’t. If you don’t live in a high risk area for flooding, you may want to scratch that off. Also, increasing your deductible payment will inversely reduce your premium.
  4. Valid claims only: Homeowners insurance providers like having customers that don’t make a lot of claims. If you need to call them about a claim, make sure it’s something legitimate. If it’s something you can handle yourself or with the help of a simple repairman, by all means, go that route.
  5. Shop Around: Some of the best insurance providers offer quotation services online. Filling out online applications for home insurance can save you extra. Also, homeowners insurance comparison websites will help you keep various quotes organized. Most of these comparison websites are free to use and show multiple quotes placed next to one another. The better you shop for your insurance policy, the happier you will be with your insurance company.
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