A Guide to Temporary Van Insurance

Van insurance is arguably more complex compared to car insurance. Car drivers are generally offered three basic types of insurance, while van owners have to choose between a number of different types of van insurance policies, from specialist insurance policies for convicted drivers to more comprehensive cover for commercial van drivers. One of the most versatile policies available to British van drivers however is temporary van insurance policies. This guide will help to explain the important aspects of obtaining temporary policy, including the benefits, uses and level of cover normally offered with this type of policy.

Also referred to as short term van or pay as you go van insurance, this policy can be extremely useful in various situations. In particular, many drivers purchase insurance when moving home or when purchasing a new van. Alternatively, some businesses could save a considerable amount of money simply by purchasing temporary insurance for their employees on the rare occasions when they need to use a company vehicle.

A temporary van insurance policy can often be tailored to a specific length of time, for example up to 3 days. Although, most temporary van policies are only available for a maximum of 28 days, there is however an alternative policy that would allow drivers to insure a van for up to 8 months. This policy is better suited for businesses or sole traders who may need to be insured on a van for longer than 28 days but may not need to be insured for a full year.

There are some fantastic benefits to choosing a temporary policy; in particular by taking out this type of policy it can offer full protection on your no-claims bonus on your existing vehicles policy. Another fantastic benefit to temporary van insurance is that it can be customised to meet your individual needs. In contrast to annual policies, temporary policies offer a level of flexibility, for example a flexible term length, as well as the ability to include a number of different drivers on to the policy.

Temporary van insurance, just like every other type of vehicle insurance offers a certain level of cover, for example, a typical basic temporary van insurance policy will cover any damage caused to another vehicle, protection against legal liability caused by injury to a third party in the event of an accident. More comprehensive policies will also cover any legal and medical expenses as well as any damage or loss caused by vandalism, fire or theft. However, temporary cover usually doesn’t cover a variety of different aspects; in particular very few policies cover any damage or loss of the vehicle if the keys were accidentally left in the insured van. Also, most policies will be invalidated if the van is used for activities not previously specified, for example a personal policy taken out for business use.

Obtaining a temporary policy today is relatively easy, with a variety of different van insurers offering this level of cover. In particular, there are a number of specialist insurers online who will be able to provide you with the most comprehensive cover at the lowest possible price.

With so many benefits and uses it is easy to see why this policy is considered one of the most versatile insurance policies available today. While purchasing this policy online guarantees a low premium price, ensuring that private drivers and businesses can legally drive any vehicle temporarily without having to purchase an expensive full annual insurance policy.

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