America’s Top 5 Nerdiest Cities

Great quality of life, high standards of living, great cultural hubs, and centers of booming technology, and advanced city infrastructures make many European cities the best places to live in the world. However, in terms of geekability and nerdiness, European cities tend to fall short. When we take into account that the definition of “nerdy” is rather subjective and not so much objective, it makes writing this article harder. However, by clarifying “nerdiest cities, ” we mean cities that have high levels of employment, are cultural and technologically thriving centers, and boast the smartest inhabitants. Sounds like a great place to settle down to me, doesn’t it sound enticing to you? Another criterion that nerdy cities have are that they are attractive places to live and raise a family due to job security, intelligent, caring people, and provide a high quality of life.

If you could think of an ideal place and environment to live, what would be the first thing(s) you look for? The first place on our list is San Jose, California, a great city with almost perfect weather, employment statistics, green recreational spaces, safe environment, and a thriving economy. Nestled amidst Silicon Valley, here you will find the brightest, nerdiest workers there are worldwide. Creative, innovative, and even revolutionary ideas are being thrown around daily, and surely this type of invigorating environment has its appeals and is a great place to settle down in. In addition to its intelligent quirkiness, the city has its own offerings of four different professional sports teams to follow.

The second nerdiest city in our list is Plano, Texas, which is suburb on the outskirts of Dallas. With the school district one of the best in the state, the city boasts high national recognition awards for his school districts. The educational system has been rewarded the National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, which speaks volumes to the academic strength of this city. The community is thriving, has an affordable and stable lifestyle and economic growth.

Denver makes it for our third nerdiest city to live. Three Colorado companies were named this year as the top “25 Best Medium Sized Companies to work for in America.” Denver boasts one of the most tech-progressive cities there are, in terms of corporation base, workforce, and strength of mathematics and science in state schools. Furthermore, it’s a great place to live due to the robust number of outdoor activities available – hiking, biking, snowboarding. It’s not just a place for geeks but for sports enthusiasts too.

Fourth, we take you to Boston. Obviously, with Havard and MIT in nearby Cambridge, there are going to be a quite intelligent number of people in Boston. Even the nightly bar scene is dotted with interesting bar names like “Miracle of Science.” Lastly, we take you back to California, in Sunnyvale, which is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. With such close vicinity to aerospace and technological companies, it’s no wonder the greatest tech geeks and tech analysts reside in Sunnyvale. You could be bumping elbows with the CEO of Yahoo!, Palm, Intel, and other revolutionary companies. Sunnyvale is a great place for you to consider permanent residence. The homes, while they are a bit pricey, are worth the job security and robust economic levels of activity.

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