Are You Seeking Motorbike Accident Compensation?

What Should You Do if You’ve Had an Accident and Want to Seek Motorbike Accident Compensation?

This article provides some general information on seeking motorbike accident compensation and how to make sure that you receive what you are entitled to.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having had a motor bike accident, you are most likely seeking some form of motorbike accident compensation. Sometimes this can be a tough and complicated exercise and it’s best that you use a specialised lawyer.

Unless you can secure a ‘no win no fee’ offer from your lawyer, you can expect to pay legal fees. If you are concerned about fees or have limited financial resources it is worth doing your research (assuming you are able after your accident). Compare fees between specialised law firms and see if there is any legal aid services that you may be eligible for.

Be sure to establish the value of damages that you wish to claim motorbike accident compensation for Consider all of the cost and loss factors that were incurred by you. The better prepared you are the easier you’ll be able to take advantage of any offers for out of court settlement. Out of court settlement can save a lot of cost, stress and hassle. However if your case does go to court, it’s best that you are as prepared as you can be with all of the facts relating to your claim.

Be reasonable in your claim, this is the way the jury/judge will look at it. Make sure you consider any or all of the following items in your claim;

– Damages to your bike and repair / replacement costs
– Lost or damaged belongings
– Time off work and loss of income
– Medical, surgery and hospital costs
– Emotional stress
– Retraining costs if you can no longer perform your existing job

Any other claims as recommended by your own legal counsel Be prepared for things to take a while, many of these types of legal proceedings can be drawn out and tedious. For this reason, as soon as you are able to, start the claim process. The sooner you get started the sooner you’ll have a ruling/settlement for your motorbike accident compensation claim.

This article does not represent legal advice in any way. Always seek the expert counsel of your preferred legal professional about your individual circumstances and claim.

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