Auto Insurance Decisions to Make Before Buying a Car

If you have shopped for a new car and narrowed your decision down to a few models, now is the time to research auto insurance on the Internet. Insurers favor some cars over others due to safety factors, so which one you choose can affect your premiums for years to come. You will also want to research auto insurance companies. Decide whether you want to deal with a call center or a local office. Ask your friends for recommendations. Your insurance agent may be an important person in your life. Decisions on insurance need to be made before you buy a car. You will need to have insurance in place before you drive that car off the lot.

The amount of coverage is your first decision. States mandate some coverages, but others are variable, even optional. Think realistically about this. Don’t just assume you will never have an accident or never need a broken windshield replaced. Full glass coverage costs little, but will save you a lot of money if you get your windshield cracked by flying debris. Short-term savings may backfire. Liability coverage is an important item. It accounts for a large part of your premium. There will be a state minimum mandated. But most responsible agents will recommend at least doubling this minimum coverage. If you are unfortunate and have an accident, you may be very thankful for the higher coverage.

If you haven’t had insurance for awhile, you may want to get a copy of your driving record. You can easily obtain this from your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Your insurance agent will take this record into account, so you should know about it also.

Comparison shopping is the name of the game in auto insurance. It is highly competitive, so shopping for the best deal can save you money.

Consumer Reports magazine is a standard reference for comparing which cars are safest, and comparing insurance premiums. Check it out to determine which automobiles are your wisest choices for both safety and savings.

A good insurance agent is there to help you, and should let you know any ways you can reduce your rate. They should make sound recommendations on coverage. They can tailor your policy to your individual situation and needs. Still, you should always read the fine print in your insurance policy, as in any other financial transaction, before you sign.

Once you have decided on the car you want to buy, you may be tempted to make a quick choice on auto insurance. But these tips have shown you the wisdom of making your insurance choice as carefully as your choice of a car.

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