Ban Acronyms in Gap Insurance

For my sins I am an insurance broker. No its not sexy and no it is not trendy. That said I am also a busy mum of two who because of time limits find that she has to buy most things on line.

I work closely with a team who provide gap insurance directly to the public and the motor trade and I am starting a one woman mission to ban the use of acronym’s and industry terminology

An acronym or industry term can at first glance look innocent enough, it saves time we all know what it means right? But behind it is confusing and mystifying customers and members of the public. Even in my niche industry of gap insurance there are hundreds and hundreds of abbreviations. Now admittedly I am quiet strange and have an uncanny ability to remember them but what if you are a normal human being? What if you are Mr Mrs Joe Average.

RTI, VRI, Combi RTI, Trans VRI, GAP +, Deferred Combi, GFV, MFV, OK I will stop it now. The point is that customers, website visitors and members of the public do not know them and why should they. I think that it very easy to fall into the trap of using these terms,but if you do your run the risk of confusing your customers.

Lets be honest no-one likes to feel silly or uneducated and buying on line while not giving the full sense of a retail shopping day should not leave you feeling unsatisfied. The chances are that your website visitor will most likely have started their buying cycle by researching the subject on the internet. I know because I recently tried to buy a new phone system for our office. New to the world of business phone systems I tried several websites and providers and even called a couple of call centres to try and find out which system would be best. How many phone lines, which package did I need?

Instead of plain English I was bombarded with acronym’s and industry terms. Now I am not unfamiliar with the internet but I found it really difficult to actually buy what I wanted.

I have now banned the use of acronym’s in our offices. No-one can call a VRI policy anything other than vehicle replacement. gap insurance. No RTI’s no Combi’s in sight.

A very surprising result is that we have now just had an upsurge in sales. Our conversion rates are through the roof. Coincidence? No I don’t think so.

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