Car Insurance Coverage

There’s countless numbers of situations and circumstances which may arise when you willingly extend the control of your vehicle to someone else. Maybe a friend needs your car to help him move into a new apartment. Maybe your driving long, tiresome distances on the interstate. Maybe you just want your buddy to re-park your car for you because your meter is about to run out. Whatever the reason, what does your insurance policy say? As you dangle the keys over the outstretched hand of the person you’re not sure you should trust, the question always pops into your head, “Am I covered for this?”

The actuality of it is this: never just assume that your auto insurance policy protects every operator of your vehicle. In truth, every insurance company is different in how they treat their policyholders on this subject. And every policy they put into action carries unique characteristics tailored to each person named in the policy.

Some auto insurance providers require you to list every person who you think might allow to operate your vehicle. I don’t think they go so far as to check their driving records and eligibility. But, as your own rule of thumb, each person who you allow to drive your car should be at least licensed to drive and possess a clean driving record. And when the question should arise about letting someone drive your car, you should talk to your insurance agent and ask them about your policy. Most of the time, it doesn’t cost any extra to have a person’s name added to the policy as an occasional operator. But again, check with your insurance company.

We don’t want to make it seem like owning a car is more trouble than it’s worth. They are still essential for getting things accomplished in the world today. But it’s important to take the extra steps to ensure that nothing will happen if you hand over your vehicle to somebody and that somebody gets into an accident.

Are you covered, or aren’t you? The answer is that you won’t really know unless you ask. And once you ask and find out that you are not, follow up that question with, “what will it take for me to get so and so covered under my policy?” Most of the time, it’s not much more added on and your insurance company might ask for some identification for that person like their driver’s license number. But they can be added on as a supplemental driver without much hassle.

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