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It is important to avoid a dogmatic or ideological approach towards car insurance. You may have opted for comprehensive insurance when you first purchased the vehicle. Buying your first brand new vehicle, you obviously wanted to protect yourself from maximum risks possible. Comprehensive insurance happens to be the best option available for car drivers today.

Over the years, you may have switched to online car insurance quotes to find the cheapest deal but may still be relying on comprehensive insurance. Well, do you really need protection from theft for a vehicle that is so old that it is impossible to find a decent price for the same? What is the advantage of having protection that covers the windshield of your vehicle when you would probably sell the car if it gets damaged again?

Instead of complaining about the cost of the insurance policy, you would do well to reduce the level of coverage by opting for third party protection only. Combined with the CTP insurance you have, it should be more than adequate for the vehicle in your hand. If you want to secure yourself, you can go in for an additional riders that cover you and your family from injuries due to the accident. However, you can skip the option of insuring your vehicle for property damage due to its aged condition.

One disadvantage of presuming that comprehensive insurance is good and third party insurance is bad is that you will never learn how to manipulate the latter to extract maximum benefits. It is possible to combine third party insurance with certain other riders to enjoy adequate coverage and protection. To know this, we will have to deal in this form of insurance. To conclude that it is bad or inadvisable is not a good idea.

Use the internet and find out the difference between the cost of the comprehensive policy and third party coverage options. Further, use different websites to find the cheapest and best third party protection available.

Once you compare car insurance quotes for comprehensive and third party insurance, you will have a clear idea of the total money you shall save and the additional risk you shall bear. You still have the option of playing around with the deductible. You can lower the total deductible and yet save a lot of money by switching over to third party insurance. Don’t reject this option before completing the research.

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