Caravan Insurance Brokers

Some would argue that the day of the insurance broker has been coming to a possible end, with so much information and instant quotes available online, but there are others who would disagree with this statement. There is a contingent who finds that using a caravan insurance broker can in fact save them money, and they feel more confident about doing this rather than making their final decision online.

That said, they will however search and update their knowledge online before making a decision about the offerings presented to them by a caravan insurance broker. This way they feel that they are getting the best of both worlds and no-one is able to pull the wool over their eyes, or they don’t need to feel that they are being kept in the dark about something important. So whatever saying we use to illustrate it-the intelligent approach to getting cheap caravan insurance that doesn’t skimp on the coverage, is combining the old with the new.

“Be not the first by whom the new are tried; nor yet the last to lay the old aside”….as the saying from Alexander Pope goes, and it was something my father said numerous times to me when I was a child. And even though on first hearing it can be a little confusing, because of the old style of English, actually it is a saying with plenty of wisdom. It is unlikely Pope thought it would be applied to caravan insurance however!

Anyhow enough of sayings and such like, how does it work when you work with an insurance broker?

Caravan insurance brokers, or ones for any other type of insurance, are working on your behalf and are using a panel of insurance providers who may be specialists in the specific area. The broker will search for the best match to provide you with the ideal quote and cover.

So they do the leg work for you, using their specialist knowledge and will match whatever caravan insurance needs you have against the various offerings which are out there.

Brokers will then decipher on your behalf the offerings which appear exciting on a first impression, and see what is in the small print and so on. As this is their area of expertise they can cut through a lot of the hard work that you may need to do if you decide to totally go it alone.

They will thoroughly examine the terms and conditions, the nitty gritty of the pricing structures, discounts offered, and what is excluded from the policies on offer.

In the case of for example touring caravan insurance, the companies within the small print may require you to fulfil certain conditions. These conditions are intended to help reduce the risk of theft. They may require that you use wheel clamps and hitch-locks, and to reduce the risk of damage that you safely stow away the awning. There are other possibilities of course as well, these are just a couple.

The caravan insurance brokers may advise you that it would be a good idea to belong to caravan club which is recognised by the insurance entities, that you should fit approved alarms and locks in the caravan, and that you are better off not to use a site with a history of flooding. Now I am not a genius (a guru yes!), but I think especially this last point is basic common sense.

Bearing in mind the work and expertise of caravan insurance brokers, the potential money and time savings, I reckon that they are worth their weight, at least in salt!

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