Compare Car Insurance Quotes Before Getting Rid of the Car

With inflation still rising and unemployment high, more and more people are struggling to make ends meet. The cost of running a car is a significant burden on many household budgets: Fuel prices are high, not helped by the instability in the Middle East that seems to be a feature of the political landscape that is going to be with us for some time. Recent reports in the press suggest that some families are choosing to lose the car in order to save money. While the cost of motoring constantly seems to be rising, there are some other options to cut the cost, other than waving goodbye to your wheels.

Taking control

The costs of motoring that you do have some control over include insurance costs. Simply cutting the amount that you use the car can not only reduce your fuel consumption – planet and wallet friendly – but may help to lower your insurance costs. Where possible cut the commute! Car sharing with colleagues or friends can prove economical. Many organisations and businesses now have a ‘car pool’, which means that even if driving is part of your daily working routine you may be able to choose not to use your own car. When you compare car insurance quotes try checking the box about commuting and realistically estimate your mileage without the commute, to compare the savings you can make. You may be surprised.

Don’t downgrade without comparing benefits

Many people are downgrading their insurance cover from fully comprehensive to one of the more basic levels. However when you compare car insurance quotes, don’t assume that basic cover is cheaper. Often for young drivers, car insurance quotes will be similar for all three types of cover. Even for more experienced drivers there can be hidden savings in the cost of fully comprehensive policies which include a range of additional benefits. Third party cover may seem attractive, but add the cost of separate breakdown cover, windscreen cover or the cost of having to pay for this up-front in the event of a problem, then it may seem less attractive.

Taking circumstances into account

Individual car insurance quotes are just that. They are tailored not only to your age, your driving experience and the type of car you drive but also to your driving record. Penalty points will be counted against you for five years by most insurance companies. Good driving practice and avoiding driving convictions will help to keep your insurance costs low. If you have existing points on your licence compare car insurance quotes from specialist providers as well as the mainstream insurance companies.

Changing lifestyles

Before cutting out the car, compare car insurance quotes from as many providers as possible, look for specialist providers who may be able to better cater to your circumstances and consider some small changes to your lifestyle.

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