Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive auto insurance policy helps you to protect your vehicle in a wide range of situations. It also helps the car owners to protect themselves during various encounters other than accidents such as natural disasters, theft etc. Whereas, collision auto insurance help you to safeguard the driver irrespective of whether he/she is at fault or a cause for the accident. This also includes the cost of towing, restoring the car if it has been severely damaged.

Collision auto insurance coverage includes replacing the parts of the motor vehicle or even replacing it in case of severe damages. However, if the damage has been done due to irregular maintenance, this insurance will not cover up such costs.

Comprehensive auto insurance will try to cover the costs incurred due to an accident, theft, fire or any other external damages caused. This also includes situations like damage due to natural calamities, disasters vandalism and any other terrible weather conditions. However, the coverage terms and conditions are dependent on the company policy. They are subjected to the whims of the companies those who offer the products. They do not cover up the costs incurred due to damages done by family members, improper maintenance.

In most cases, car owners are highly recommended to take comprehensive auto insurance as they cover most possible circumstances. Both these car insurance products are offered as a bundled package. It is a wise idea to take a complete coverage insurance product that will safeguard your financial interest irrespective of the situation and damage done to the car. The car owner will be in a better condition to reimburse the amount to replace the car. The amount of coverage will be dependent on the age of the car. Newer cars, imported cars, luxury cars will have a higher replacement value. This value is also dependent on the market conditions. If the economy is in downturn, no matter what the cost is, you will get a lower replacement value and this is common for all the auto insurance products.

The cost for both these products is determined by the age of car, make and model of the cars, state of residence etc. The driving history and his insurance coverage also determine the rate of car insurance product. A bad driving record will increase the cost of insurance. A revoked license can drastically increase the insurance premium rates. Hence, make sure to obey traffic rules and drive carefully. This will keep you secured on the roads as well as safeguard your financial interest. The chances of theft will also increase the insurance premium. All the above said factors will be combined to fix up the insurance premium rate.

Collision as well as comprehensive auto insurance coverage is a must for every driver. This is an integral part if you have decided to lease or finance the car. This concept is recommended to vehicles that are less than 7 years old. The safety features and other features present in the car will influence the rate to certain extent. Make sure you understand the process completely and are aware of the pricing process.

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