Does Fleet Insurance Offer You The Coverage That Your Business Needs?

Running a business, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate, can be something of a juggling act to say the least. Trying to keep all of the balls in the air at once can be an absolute nightmare at times, it seems like you have to have the memory of a computer just to keep up with things.

To this end, anything at all that makes your life just that little bit easier has surely got to be worth looking at, especially if it could also save you money. If you have more than a couple of vehicles, the paperwork involved in keeping them on the road can take up a great chunk of your precious time.

This is where fleet insurance can be a great help, as it offers you the option of covering all of the vehicles in your fleet with just a single policy.

This would definitely be a step in the right direction as it is a very effective way to help you to manage your business, if only in terms of the time that you would save.

There are different types of cover, just like your car insurance, there is third party only, the minimum level, third party fire and theft, and of course comprehensive. This means that if you operate a mixed fleet, maybe of vans and heavy goods vehicles, you can have different levels of cover for them on the single policy.

You might want your vans covered third party only, but your heavy goods vehicles with a better, comprehensive cover, this is fine, the choice is yours. The policy can be almost tailor made to give you the very best choice, and the best possible benefits, and all with a flexible payment option.

There are many ways that you can reduce the premium that you pay, if for instance you have a fleet of company cars. The easiest would involve having smaller engine sizes, as this, just like your personal car insurance, will mean a lower premium. It does not mean that all of your vehicles should be 1.0 litre, but if you have all 3.5 litre engines, it is going to cost a bit more.

Another aspect is age, and this unfortunately does not only mean younger drivers, as some insurers may stipulate not only a minimum, but also a maximum age that they will cover. This obviously means that both of these age groups can have a massive impact on the cost of your policy.

Then there is the location where the vehicles are stored, if they are kept in a secure compound, this will be looked upon more favourably than if they are simply left on open land. Vehicle security is another aspect that can be a plus for you, if your vehicles are fitted with alarms and trackers; again this is all the better for you.
It really is worth considering if you have a business that uses vehicles on the public highway. This would involve amongst others taxi companies as well as bus and coach operators who would all benefit from a simple call to one of the top fleet insurance companies.

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