Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim The Right Way

Most homeowners carry insurance on their property. While we all hope we never have to use this coverage, the time just might come when it is necessary to file a claim. Filing your claim the right way can help to expedite your repairs and might just keep you from paying more than you have to out of pocket. Let us now review a few steps that can help.

Don’t wait to notify your insurer if a repair becomes necessary. Sometimes people run into a situation where it is necessary to file a claim, but then wait to take action on the problem. This is a mistake that should always be avoided. A problem which is not addressed immediately can become bigger, with increased costs added on too. If the insurer eventually finds out that these expensive repairs could have been made sooner for less, it might deny your claim completely, or at least expect you to pay a larger portion out of pocket. In addition, your repairs are delayed, meaning you have to live longer with the existing problem. Most insurance companies have 24-hour claims agents available, so never wait to make that important call.

Ask the claims agent for a list of authorized repair companies if your situation involves an emergency repair. This step is important, because if you choose to use a repair person that is not authorized by your insurance company, the company may deny your claim. Even if it doesn’t deny the claim, it may pay less than it would have if you had used an authorized contractor. Always ask the representative to give you contact information for at least three or four authorized contractors, in case one isn’t immediately available. This will save you time and money when making your most important repairs.

Document every contact you make with the insurance company. Take detailed notes of every phone conversation, and keep copies of any letters or emails sent. This will help you if any questions arise in the future, or if you are later told something that is different from what you were told in an earlier conversation. It can also serve as valuable proof of the timeline from when you reported the claim to when the repair was made. Should your situation become dire and legal action become necessary, the notes will also serve you well in court.

Filing a homeowners insurance claim is never a fun process, but with a few simple steps it can be made easier. Use our guide as a starting point, and you will most certainly save valuable time and money in your claim filing process.

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