Finding a New Auto Insurance Carrier

Finding the best auto insurance premium rate for your specific needs takes time. Once you’ve got your top few companies in mind to research, take a few more days to research the ones you might be missing out on. The top market shareholders spending the most dollars on advertisements aren’t always the best options. Some more suitable options remain out of the limelight of mainstream media. The top advertisers for car insurance tend to drown out the others with repetitive name branding. A good rule of thumb is to disregard all media advertisements and use trustworthy sources.

Some of those sources could be in the form of insurance forums. Asking a simple question in one of the auto insurance forums and starting a new thread will reveal volumes of opinions from people who have been in the industry for years. Many times, forum administrators and mediators will also reply to your post with their vote. Starting a thread in an insurance forum requires a simple email registration process and you can start getting responses within minutes of signing up.

Another great resource is on JD Power and Associates website. They dedicate an entire section of their site to auto insurance. Power Circle Ratings are given to each insurance company from consumer surveys. Insurance companies can earn from one to five circles for categories ranging from purchasing experience to claims handling to customer service. They even rate each auto insurance company on pricing. These ratings tell you which insurance companies ranked highest and they will award a category winner to each company based on their survey results.

Using some of these methods to narrow down your search are good ideas. When it comes time to contact some of these companies for quotes, you might want to prepare yourself with pen and paper or some method of copying your quote results into a document on your computer. Auto insurance comparison websites offer methods of placing each company next to one another so you can view their quotes altogether. To get started, you just need to give them a local zip code, and a list of local providers is there right in front of you. It only takes a few minutes to fill out each company’s quote application, and when you have a group of quotes, you can pick the best offer.

Buying new car insurance or changing insurance companies shouldn’t be a task taken lightly. Use the right resources and tools available. Once you’ve done all your homework, you should come out of it with a sound car insurance policy at a reasonable premium rate.

Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

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