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Homeowners insurance provides you with a sense of security should a crisis strike that damages your home or your possessions. More and more, it seems that it isn’t unusual for natural disasters to strike in places not usually prone to such disasters. For example, Oklahoma recently experienced a significant earthquake, with residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex reportedly feeling the vibrations, as well. Any number of situations can arise that threaten your house and everything inside of it that makes it your home. Homeowners insurance helps you replace and repair those possessions and the structure itself in the event that they become damaged due to fire, tornado, earthquake, flood, hurricane, as well as burglary and vandalism.

Fort Worth is not likely to be hit directly by a hurricane or earthquake, however, the Texas coast is frequently pelted with severe hurricane activity. The extremely heavy rain bands that are generally associated with hurricanes can move inland hundreds of miles causing flooding and tornadic weather in places as far away as Fort Worth, which seems well distanced from a coastal area. Heavy rains can cause flooding, and the storms can, under certain conditions, spawn the development of tornadoes and hail storms. These are severe weather events which commonly cause significant damage to homes and are covered by homeowners insurance.

Two severe weather events that are more common to the Fort Worth area and that frequently cause damage to homes, autos, and businesses include hail and tornados. Hail can break glass windows and windshields, damage ventilation pipes, and punch holes through the shingles of your roof. Hail can also do significant damage to any vehicles that aren’t covered by a carport or garage during the storm. A tornado can completely devastate a home and every item therein if it’s close enough in proximity. However, tornados can still cause significant damage to your home even if you do not suffer a direct hit. In terms of structural damage, a tornado is capable of literally removing the roof from a house or may just rip away shingles. In the event of hail or tornado, though, your homeowners insurance should cover all damages.

If you experience damage to your home following a severe weather outbreak, contact your homeowner’s insurance company immediately and talk with your Fort Worth homeowners insurance agent. They will inspect your home for damages then help you determine exactly what steps you need to take next, assisting you with the process from start to finish. Your insurance agent has a vested interest in protecting your home right along with you, and they will help as you and your family recover your losses and rebuild your life.

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