Homeowners Insurance Cost Calculator FAQ: A Homeowner’s Guide

What is homeowners insurance?

Before you know further about the calculator, it is better for you to be familiar with the insurance. Homeowners insurance has long been known as the simplest method to protect your home. The insurance will guard your home by financing it from the effects of misfortunes such as theft, vandalism, legal actions for accidents on your property, fire damage, storm damage, water damage, or other unexpected disasters.

What is a homeowners insurance cost calculator?

A homeowners insurance cost calculator is an application which helps you in estimating and counting the amount of your home insurance as well as the cost you will have to spend. This calculator is particularly beneficial when you are in the process of finding insurance for your home. To get maximum home protection, you should know the value of your home and its content. An insurance that equals your home’s value will be very beneficial when the need to replace your home and its content occurs.

How does the calculator work?

The calculator works by giving you rough estimation of how much insurance coverage you will need to protect your home. The estimation is based on the geographical location (ZIP code) as well the amount of your home’s square footage. You can also input the type of your home’s construction as the additional consideration for calculating the insurance cost.

Is it possible to get more accurate estimation?

Yes, it is. For more accurate estimation, a homeowners insurance cost calculator might require you to add additional variables apart from your home’s geographical location and square footage. The calculator might as well ask you about other things that need to be covered such as your desired deductible, additional properties that need to be included in the insurance, and the cost of your home’s inventory. The calculator may estimate the average premium of your home insurance cost by simply using these variables or adjusting them with the actual price released by a homeowner insurance company.

Another way to get more accurate estimation is by combining the result you got from the calculator with online rate quotes from trustworthy insurance companies. Fill up the online insurance application with the cost estimation from the calculator to get the rate quotes on your desired type and amount of insurance.

Where can I get a homeowners insurance cost calculator?

You can find this tool from online insurance companies for free. Most online insurance companies provide the tool on their website as the part of their quote process or as an introduction about homeowners insurance for the visitors of their websites. Websites that offer this free tool include Allstate, Home Insurance, and Finance Move.

Is there any risk of using this homeowners insurance cost calculator?

When you send your personal information on the Internet, you can be the subject of identity theft. Such calculators that only require you to input your ZIP code and square footage don’t risk much as they get insufficient details on your personal identity. However, when you are asked to input your name, address, and social security number, you need to make sure that the website is trustworthy and has secure server upon receiving your sensitive information.

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