How to Find Auto Insurance Right Away

There are so many auto insurance companies out there, who really knows which company will give you the right price and the right coverage. The way Geico does it (so they say) is give you all the competitors rates when they give you yours, but seriously how can that be true. Insurance rates change everyday with different companies I have called the same agent three times in one month, gave the same information, and have been given three different rates. So how could anyone really choose which insurance company will have the best rate over the long term. Who would want to go through all the steps to get rates from 10 different companies? I know I wouldn’t, so then I started looking into these quote comparison companies like netquote. I went onto three different quote comparison websites and filled out the forms, which I should tell you can be very time consuming, and some of the sites had me fill out way too much information that did not even make a difference to my rate at all. I thought the best part would be getting contacted from multiple different agents with their best rate. That was my biggest mistake yet, I received emails and phone calls for days even weeks sometimes with lots of questions but no real rates. After all the information I gave on the applications how could they call me and ask me for more? Every auto insurance company calculates their rates differently because it is based on their risk calculations and profit margins. Which company offers you the best rate will depend on dozens of different variables. You’re going to have to do your homework, make some calls, and periodically make even more calls. I don’t know about you but I don’t have much time on my hands these days so this does not sound like something I am willing to do. I just want to go to one place and get the right price no matter what time of year it is or what ever else changes these prices. I looked into what makes these insurance rates change and came up with a few things….

1. If you have been a good driver for a long time, three to five years.
2. You have improved your credit.
3. You get older. Rates from when you were 21 will change when you are 25.
4. You get married.
5. Anti-Theft device installed in your car.
6. Add another vehicle to your policy.
7. You move.
8. You change your career.
9. Add another policy like health or life.
10. If you graduate from college.
11. If you start using public transportation to get to work or start working from home.
12. You buy a new car.

There are so many ways to lower your rate but at the end of the day you will need a trustworthy agent that will make sure you get the right coverage at the best rate available. This day and age it is really hard to trust anyone especially if they depend on you to put food on their table. So just be aware by asking every question you can think of before paying one extra penny for your auto insurance.

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