How to Get Auto Insurance As a Non-Citizen

If you are a tourist in the United States, and are in the country for less than six months, it is best to find out how to get auto insurance as a non-citizen through an insurance broker, since most big insurance companies will not be willing to arrange such short-term insurance. Insurance brokers can be found in the yellow pages, or on the Internet.

Depending on the car that is involved, vehicle insurance for a non-citizen is normally in the region of about $100 to $200 per month. You are required to produce your driver’s license, or a translation of it, if it is not in English. You can get an international driver’s license, which is a translation of a foreign driver’s license, in your own country. Ensure too, that you obtain a Motor Vehicle Driving Record in your own country, before coming to the US, as proof that you have never been involved in an accident, which could reduce the cost of insuring a car in the US, by a little.

To get auto insurance as a non-citizen, you need to first purchase a car. Once you have a car, you can immediately go about inuring it, which is quite a simple procedure. You will be issued with temporary insurance documents on the day that you apply to purchase insurance for your vehicle, the price of which will depend entirely on the year and model of the car.

A few days after purchasing your car insurance, the company or broker that you are dealing with, will send you your permanent insurance documentation in the mail, to the address that you have given to them. Once you have bought insurance for your vehicle, you will need to register it, which is where the problem of this whole exercise lies – you are required to have a permanent address to be able to register a vehicle as a non-citizen in the United States. You are not allowed to provide a friend or family member’ address either, as this is concerned illegal.

Another problem for the US government is that many of the non-citizens applying for auto insurance, just happen to be illegal immigrants. The Texas Department of Public Safety has in the past, renewed the licenses of citizens without first checking to see if the original visa that they had been issued with, had expired or not.

Officials of the department have now reported that they are not quite sure just how many illegal immigrants have been issued with renewed licenses over the past few years, but that this practice has now been stopped. Since then, the state has brought out new regulations by bringing in even more stringent licensing policies, which require foreign nationals to first prove that they are in the US legally before they can obtain an original license, renew an existing one, or get a duplication of their license or ID card. These strict steps are being taken as a matter of national security, and the Department of Public Safety has estimated that this new law could affect as many as two million residents of the State of Texas.

This means that those non-citizens who are in the country legally, will now, under the new law, will now be issued with a driver’s license that is different to the regular one, in that it will be shaped vertically, and have temporary visitor designations, which will only valid until that person’s visa expires. Those non-citizens whose visas are due to expire in less than six months, will not be allowed to get an ID card or license at all.

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