How to Get Multiple Car Quotes All at Once

Before the internet, local insurance agencies made a new customer pretty much every time somebody walked through their front door. There was no such thing as comparing insurance companies. You pretty much went with the same insurance company that your parents used and you were done with it.

Now, the market is flooded with online competition. So this is a hot topic for new car owners who need to find insurance for their car, truck, motorcycle or RV. Most new owners these days would like to spend less time visiting insurance agencies and talking to each one in person before making a decision on which company to go with. Insurance shoppers want to gather all the quotes they can muster, pin all the quotes to the cork board on the wall and throw a dart (or however they choose to decide). We’ll that’s completely feasible. Shoppers can have quotes sent to them instantly.

The top insurance companies offer online quote forms that ask a series of questions which take anywhere from two to five minutes. The length of the application depends on your custom needs. And after you complete your questionnaire about your vehicle, driving record, location, projected mileage and customized insurance coverage features, they instantly quote you.

A special note about quotes: Mind you, these are just quotes. Sometimes their quote system is flawed and, for instance, your vehicle model isn’t in their system. In this case, they still honor the quote but be prepared for the premium to change within the first 6 months of the policy.

Getting multiple quotes is easy. There are insurance quote comparison websites that will list all the available insurance companies which provide coverage and serve your local area. All you need to do is enter in your zip code in the space provided and, your list of providers comes up on the following page.

As far as keeping multiple quotes organized, there are checklists available online with insurance quote comparison websites. The easiest method seems to be to write them down on the printable comparison sheet provided by the comparison website. Not all insurance quote comparison websites provide this tool for your use. So another method is the copy/paste* method. You can open a blank word document and copy/paste your results.

*copy/paste is highlighting a portion of text with your mouse by left-clicking your mouse at the starting point of the text, holding the left button sown and dragging your mouse across the portion of desired text. Once the desired text is “highlighted”, let go of the left button and, on your keyboard, hold the “control” key and hit “c”, then go to your blank word document and place the cursor on the page where you want the copied text to appear and hold the “control” key and hit “v”.

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