How To Save Money On Car Rental Insurance

Every time you rent a vehicle you are asked about the car rental insurance. But this is one option you never take them up on. It is just an unnecessary expense, and travel is already too expensive.

But this is something that should be considered. The price is usually very reasonable. Only a few dollars more onto the rental fee that you are already paying. And it is going onto the same receipt anyway.

If your travel is work related it is going to come off the expense account, so you will not pay it anyway. When it is your own bill, you might think it is not needed because you are a good driver. So you always say no, thank you.

Suppose there is an accident though. You might be a good driver, and the other person might think himself a good driver, as well. But they are called accidents for a reason. Nobody plans to miss a stop sign, or turn the corner too sharp.

And when that happens, someone is going to be left with a big repair bill. If you are in a rented vehicle, that responsibility will be yours. Unless you know that your primary car insurance will cover you in a rental car.

Many people are unaware of this, but their policy may actually provide this type of protection for them. Before traveling, either through work or on your own, take the time to read your policy. Or if this is inconvenient, call your agent.

If you already have a plan in effect that will cover you, then you can feel good about saying no. If not, think long and hard first. You can save money now. But you might pay more later.

There are other ways of saving this extra fee as well. Several credit card companies provide this type of coverage as part of the convenience of using their cards. If this is not a card that you carry now, it might be a reason to look into it. Especially if you do travel a lot.

If you do choose this as an option, be sure of reading all of the small print. They may have unstated requirements that could penalize you if not met. Always be prepared for any eventuality.

Choosing the rental policies is a divided option for seasoned travelers. While some claim that it is just a poor investment choice, others are convinced that it has saved time and money for them. Travelers to foreign countries insist that it is too much of a hassle to not have it. While they waste time trying to deal with it, the insurance could have already taken care of it.

Car rental insurance is still a very divided issue. And a very personal one. No one will tell you that it is required, but they can tell you the experiences they have had. It either saved them money from paying for careless valets, or it cost them needless money because it was never needed. The choice is going to be based on you and your instincts.

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