Hybrid Car Insurance: Why It May Be Cheaper!

Hybrid cars carry a hefty initial price tag in comparison to regular cars that operate on gasoline, but as these vehicles become more popular, it is very likely that car insurance companies will assign a discount for hybrid cars. Another brownie point for being a hybrid car driver! In addition to the environmentally friendly factor, the use of electricity to run the hybrid car makes it able to operate on a longer mileage. Since these cars do not have a lot of mileage, the owners are less likely to use it for reckless driving activities which are more prone to accidents. Due to this simple fact, hybrid cars fall in the “preferred insured” category, making it highly attractive to insure. This category lists car models that are associated with more responsible and mature car drivers, and those who drive these vehicles reap the benefits of cheaper auto insurance rates.

Recent statistical reports show that hybrid car owners seldom get involved in car accidents. The benefits far outweigh the negatives when it comes to buying hybrids, especially when you consider that it was recently reported least likely to be stolen cars in America! Even then, since most hybrid owners are in their 40s, and are more responsible for their driving behavior, car insurers may offer 10% for the hybrid vehicle insurance, amounting to about $100 discount annually. Even so, repairs on hybrid cars are still more expensive due to its expensive parts, making the insurance premium higher. Though this is higher, you are guaranteed at least a 10% discount by the auto insurance company and based on individual circumstances.

Other reports show that on average it costs the owner of a hybrid vehicle about $182 dollars more per repair than the owner of a conventional gas guzzler. Now we’re not saying you should count out the hybrid – or electric – car on account of these fees, we’re just alerting you of the fact that these high tech autos are expensive to create, run and fix. Even though hybrid sales are jumping – the Prius is the third best-selling car model in America – they remain high on the cost-list. But this will surely change as the technology becomes more main stream. Then we will see insurance rates for hybrids decrease.

Just like any other car, hybrid car insurance is influenced by factors such as safety features, driver age, credit score and driving history. The automatic seat belt is a common safety feature that insurance company approves. If you have a grade B in your college or university report card, you can provide proof and get a Good Student Discount. In due time, an increasing number of car insurance companies will offer a hybrid car discount due to demand. As always, research and perform comparisons between different auto insurance policies. Go with the one that offers the most benefits and cheapest premium cost for your vehicle. Saving on auto insurance is important, but what’s more important and imperative is coverage.

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