Insuring Your Car Is Possible Even After Failing The DMV Test

One popular children’s television cartoon character has failed his driving test hundreds of times, and is a permanent driving school student. In the State of Georgia, real-life drivers who fail the Department of Motor Vehicles test must wait at least one day before making another attempt, and a secondary failure can mean waiting an entire week before being allowed to try again.

Operating a vehicle without a license or insurance is a serious charge in any state, and in many areas is a criminal offense carrying serious penalties for those who get caught. A new resident is required to upgrade an old, out-of-state license to a local document within thirty days, a process that sometimes requires taking a written exam as well as a vision test.

Make the simple mistake of committing a traffic violation or having a fender-bender during the exam, and you can expect to wait another thirty days before being given a repeat chance. While this may sound a little bit humorous, it actually happens to some drivers, and can become a frustrating experience when there is a personal vehicle waiting to be insured.

Vehicle owners faced with a revoked, suspended, or simply expired license are still required to carry up-to-date insurance, even if they are not actually behind the wheel. In the past, not having a valid license could make finding the right coverage more complicated. Without obtaining a reasonable policy, however, any newly earned driving privileges can be removed.

If an unfortunate mishap occurs involving an uninsured vehicle, financial disaster may ultimately be the result, no matter whose fault it was. Fortunately, the relatively new Internet presence of many different insurance companies now makes it much simpler to purchase a vehicle policy without a currently valid license, while still being in full compliance with regulations.

Most vehicle insurance websites are designed to produce instant policy price quotes, making cost comparisons more accurate and convenient. They ask several standard questions, including the length of time you have been a licensed driver. Drivers with zero experience will often be automatically directed to those companies eager to provide quotes to unlicensed individuals.

Carrying the vehicle coverage demanded by law is the only choice. Try to obtain at least three quotes before making a choice, and read on-line reviews of the company you are considering. Rates for unlicensed drivers are often no higher, and being in compliance with the law not only makes the vehicle available to other drivers, but brings peace of mind.

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