Keys To Low Rates On Auto Insurance For Young Drivers

As anyone who has ever had to purchase Virginia auto insurance understands, the rates for younger drivers can often be extremely burdensome. Most providers view these inexperienced drivers with caution, and consider them to be a higher risk for automobile accidents than their more experienced counterparts. For young drivers, it can be a challenge to obtain affordable coverage.

That does not mean, however, that obtaining lower cost coverage is impossible. Consumers just have to be aggressive in seeking out the best rates and policy discounts to ensure that coverage for a younger driver does not end up being too cost-prohibitive. Teenage car owners and their parents need to know exactly what discounts to look for.

Consider the factors

When shopping for affordable policies, it is important to consider certain factors that cannot be altered. For instance, the gender of the driver is always a factor. Most companies offer coverage at slightly lower rates for girls than boys, due to statistics that demonstrate the greater potential for accidents that young males represent.

In addition, the driver’s age is something that must be dealt with as well. Obviously, beginning drivers will face the largest premium rates due to their inexperience behind the wheel. A sixteen year old simply has not had the driving time necessary to take advantage of many of the good driver discounts that are out there.

Discounts to seek

On the other hand, there are specific discounts that can be enjoyed by younger drivers. For instance, a student who maintains good grades can qualify for a good driver discount. In addition, he can often obtain lower rates if he is only driving the vehicle back and forth to school and his job site. Of course, once he has had insurance on a continual basis, he will be eligible for other discounts as well.

Coverage may need to be adjusted if these discounts still result in premiums that are unmanageably high. Often times, a young driver’s first vehicle may not have a value that justifies carrying comprehensive coverage. Many times, the deductible on a young driver’s policy may nearly equal the cost of replacing that old vehicle.

In such cases, it is wise for the driver and his parents to adjust coverage so that they are only paying for that which is absolutely necessary. In the case of Virginia auto insurance, many young people are well-served by obtaining policies that simply meet the liability and uninsured motorist coverage that is required by law.

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