Loss Adjusters

Natural catastrophe, accidents, illness or theft can occur anywhere at any time. Insurance protects and guards you from damaging and destructive events which you cannot expect. Life without insurance can be a dangerous risk to fulfill yours and your family members’ needs.

When you face a huge amount of damage after an accident, first thing that comes to your mind is getting your money back for the loss encountered. For that you need to file a claim to your insurance company. At that time your insurance company will hire a loss adjuster to look after and handle the claim. Either your experience with the loss adjuster will be good, fair and smooth or the claim settlement process will get stretched too long arguing and settling the claim with the assigned loss adjuster.

If your experience with the loss adjuster is not good that does not mean they are not good people. They are hired by the insurance company and sometimes they are under so much pressure from the insurance company that they have to act rigidly and strictly with you. No matter how the loss adjuster may be it is you who will have to act smartly in order to get your money back.

Handling and dealing with the loss adjuster may not be easy but with good knowledge and understanding you can negotiate the best settlement for your claim. First and the foremost thing that you should do before filing a claim are to read your entire insurance policy thoroughly. Make a rough estimate of the amount that you are entitled to get. Prepare all the documents, bills and records of your vehicle.

When the adjuster comes to meet you, stay calm and answer all his questions smartly. Do not interrupt him/her in between. Listen to the offers made by him clearly and properly. Their work is to settle the claim cheaply and quickly so do not accept any of their offers or terms if it doesn’t satisfy you.

Once the adjuster gets done with his part, then put forward your offer. Deal with the adjuster in a professional manner which will make him realize that you also hold knowledge in this regard. Present him with all the documentation and records that you prepared. Stand and act firm on your decision. If there were any witnesses present at the time of accident, you can present them also in front of the loss adjusters if they refuse to agree with you.

The whole point is if you act wise and smart, then no one can make you fool.

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