Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are not covered in by the personal automobile insurance policy (“PAP”). An endorsement can be added to the PAP to insure motorcycles, mopeds, motorscooters, golf carts, motor homes, dune buggies and similar vehicles. There are several unique factors that must be considered when buying this motorcycle insurance coverage.

First, your motorcycle insurance will not cover liability arising from your use of another person’s motorcycle. If you operate another person’s motorcycle, their insurance policy will cover the liability. If the other owner does not have motorcycle insurance, then you will be responsible for the liability yourself. Similarly, your policy will cover liability arising from others driving your bike.

Second, many motorcycle insurance policies offer the option to exclude bodily injury coverage for passengers. If elected, this would preclude passengers on your bike from recovering from the policy if they are injured. Many motorcycle owners make this election to reduce the amount of the motorcycle insurance.

Third, the amount paid for damage to your motorcycle is limited. Specifically, it is limited to the lower of the amount stated in the policy, the actual cash value, or the amount needed to repair or replace your motorcycle.

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