Pay As You Drive Car Insurance

An exciting product was introduced into the insurance car market a few years back. Its introduction means consumers are no longer required to pay hefty car insurance premiums, because, with this particular product, your monthly premiums are based on the distance you drive. The ‘pay as you drive’ insurance plan has the potential to cut down on insurance costs significantly and this particular product is paving its way into many insurance car companies’ portfolio of products to offer potential clients.

With the ‘pay as you drive’ concept, consumers have the opportunity to take out less expensive insurance car policies and thus avoid having to pay huge amounts on car insurance. The most common feedback insurance companies get is that the lower to middle class consumers of the country are unable to afford car insurance on a regular basis. These folks are in the position of having to compromise their cost of living to acquire certain necessities such as car insurance among various other things. In this day and age, an insurance car policy is a vital part of a consumer’s expenses. You could never, and still cannot assume that your car is safe from damage or theft. With the rising crime rates we are forced to take extra precautions with regards to car insurance.

Qualifying for a ‘pay as you drive’ policy is easy. You need only be in possession of a valid driver’s license and be over 25 years of age. Moreover, your monthly driving distance should not exceed roughly one thousand five hundred kilometers. Most of the insurance premiums are based on the number of kilometers you drive. That way you are totally in control of your own premium cost. The less you drive on a monthly basis the less your monthly ‘pay as you drive’ insurance car premium is likely to be.

You should never disregard the importance of having valuable car insurance. With these various ‘pay as you drive’ car insurance policies, you now no longer have an excuse for not acquiring or having car insurance. Think of it as a long-term investment as you may be able to potentially save up to thirty percent in monthly insurance car premiums by just switching to the ‘pay as you drive’ option.

The ‘pay as you drive’ car insurance quote is specifically tailored to meet your needs. There are at least three insurance plans available in this category, each of which offers the best possible coverage at a greatly reduced rate. This particular kind of policy is especially suitable to those that have retired and no longer have to make long commutes with their cars. On average, retired individuals have been found to drive no more than about 500 kilometers a month. With the ‘pay as you drive’ insurance car options our older generation can be in possession of car coverage at a lower cost than what average car insurance would have cost, leaving our seasoned consumers with more funds available to enjoy the finer things they have time to enjoy in their later life.

The ‘pay as you drive’ policy really is a genius concept and can pave the way to financial freedom for many individuals.

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