The New Mandatory Nature Of Auto Insurance

For more than a year now, Wisconsin auto insurance has been a legal requirement for motorists in the State. As one of the last jurisdictions to impose this mandate on its drivers, the State has now joined forty-eight other States in requiring that every driver be minimally insured. For these drivers, it is now essential to understand exactly what they are required to do and the penalties for failing to comply with the new law.

The requirements

All vehicles must now be properly insured to protect against liability and property damage. Like other jurisdictions, the legal requirements seek to impose the minimum burden on each vehicle owner, while still striving to protect the large public interest in not having uninsured motorists on the road.

At a minimum, every driver must carry basic liability coverage, as well as uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage. This coverage includes fifty-thousand dollars of liability per person for bodily injury, one-hundred thousand per accident, and fifteen thousand for property protection. Uninsured coverage consists of one-hundred thousand dollars per person for injury, and a total of three-hundred thousand per accident.

The penalties

To ensure that drivers comply with the law, the State has enacted a series of penalties that can be enforced against anyone caught driving without the proper coverage or proof of coverage. A failure to have insurance results in a five-hundred dollar fine. Failure to provide proof of coverage carries a fine of ten dollars. Moreover, anyone who presents falsified policy documents to law enforcement can face a penalty of five-thousand dollars.

Beyond the minimum

The minimum coverage requirements will fulfill the legal obligation of each driver, but those who can afford to do so will almost certainly want to consider other forms of coverage as well. These can include everything from collision coverage to theft. There are obvious reasons that justify purchasing this additional coverage.

Choosing coverage

It is a good idea for each driver to consider a wide range of policy options whenever policies are being compared. Different insurers can offer substantially different rates for their coverage, so it is wise to obtain as many quotes as possible before settling on any provider to ensure that the best policies are obtained at the lowest possible price.

With this coverage, every driver can now be protected against the financial burdens that are often created by accidents that result in injury or property damage. For that reason alone, anyone who owns a motor vehicle would be wise to obtain the required Wisconsin auto insurance coverage.

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