The Pros and Cons of Buying Insurance From a Local Agent Vs a National Brand Online

Should You Visit An Insurance Agent Or Use An Insurance Website?

When you need to purchase a new insurance policy, you may wonder how you should start shopping. You know that smart consumers do some insurance shopping before they buy. But there is no big supermarket for insurance so you can compare plans and policies. How can you get help so you can make a good decision?

Many times, your choice will be between two things. You want to know if you should stop at the office of a local insurance agent or use one of the big, national websites you have probably seen advertised on TV, the Internet, or in a magazine.

Advantages Of A Local Insurance Agent

I local professional can actually sit down with you and take the time to explain your insurance choices. He or she should listen to you describe your own individual situation. Then, a good agent should be able to come up with a good package of coverage for a person like you!

Advantages Of An Insurance Website

There are advantages to visiting a good insurance website too.

  • The website will be open 24/7, 7 days a week. You can visit it at your convenience, and you will not need to make an appointment or drive away from your computer.
  • While the website may try to “sell” you a policy, you will probably have an easier time declining an offer than you would with a human being.

How Can You Blend Personal Service And Technology?

Personally, I like to use both of these tools when I shop for a new policy. I like to combine Internet research with the personal service of a good agent!

I usually start out by combing good insurance websites. They can help me figure out what I need, and also help me narrow down my choices.

When I shop online for insurance, I usually visit sites with free quotes. That way I get a good idea of how much I should probably pay for the coverage I want.

I know that price is not everything when it comes to buying the right insurance policy. I also look for customer service reviews, financial information, and policy options.

Even though my web search gives me a lot of information, my shopping does not end there! I do gather a lot of important information. But my research usually leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions. That is why I take one more step.

Insurance Is Local

Once I have narrowed down my choices to a handful of insurers, I usually call,or make appointments with, local agents.

Most insurance is regulated and marketed at the state and local level. Even national companies offer different plans and prices for different states, counties, or zip codes. Getting national information is a first step, but I know that my search needs to end with information that is valid for my own city or town.

Also, sometimes an experienced agent will offer me tips or deals that I missed in my initial search. An experienced and professional agent can provide a lot of service and security!

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