The Repair of Your Windshield

There you are, minding your own business as you drive home from your day job, when suddenly you find yourself looking into a windshield with a huge crack in it. The worst thing about a cracked windshield is that it happens too quickly to avoid, and usually only gets worse from there on out. This can be especially true if the weather is cold. If you find that you can’t get it fixed right away, it is not uncommon for the crack to expand, as water gets into the damage, and furthers it as it goes. The best course of action, of course, is to get the windshield repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

But how does it actually work? All you know is that some windshield repairman comes to your home, squirts something into the chip or crack, and tells you to leave it there for a while. And sooner than you know it, you are on your way again, wondering when the next crack will pop up.

In actuality, the process isn’t as complicated as you might think. Your windshield is stronger and more effective when it is whole, so any chip or crack should be taken care of at the first possible moment. Most often, the chips or cracks that might result from that stray pebble that is tossed up by the car in front of you will not make a whole lot of damage initially, but that shouldn’t mean that you hold off on getting it repaired.

Modern windshields, like the one you have on your car, are now composed of two layers of glass instead of one. That means that, most often, the repair to your windshield is being made to the first layer only. However, should the chip or crack be so extensive that it actually expands to the second layer or beyond, you will be in a whole other world of trouble, and most likely be looking into the replacement of the whole wind shield.

The expert that comes out to inspect the damage will do what he or she can to fill in the chip or crack, smooth it over carefully, and give you a final result that makes your windshield look and feel like the accident never happened. This is made possible through a special substance that the technician actually injects into the crack. It is cured by sunlight, and will dry in such a way that it will essentially be invisible to you. After this special resin is dried after a time by simply sitting in the sunshine, it will then be a strong, waterproof part of your windshield.

The technology that has come together to make this process possible is incredible, and has saved many people like you a great amount of money. Most often, you will not have to replace the whole wind shield, which is a good thing, as they can cost you hundreds of dollars. To avoid paying such a price, drive carefully, and take care of those chips and cracks that occur as soon as you possibly can.

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