The Rise In Auto Insurance Rates For Women

Gender equality is considered part of the global trend that is happening in the world today, though some countries do not accept it and consider men as the dominant gender. As more women strive to conquer and be successful in every endeavor, more companies and marketing strategists are now looking at women, especially in purchasing street rods and its corresponding insurance. What’s interesting to see here is that they give special insurance rates for women. Why is that?

People say that women drive safer than men and are also known as defensive drivers. This reputation has become a bickering issue between male and female drivers. Women are not as brave and are considered sissies behind the wheel. Men are called brazen drivers because of their aggressiveness and haughtiness. Even road rage is attributed to men. No wonder getting insurance on their street rods differ from gender.

Since women are said to be more careful drivers than men, they get to have less expensive car insurance rates or premiums compared to their male counterparts. It also depends on what street rod model you are going to get and from where the computation for the insurance will come in. Women are in less accidents and traffic violations compared to men and thus the reason for the low insurance rates. Now the men will react strongly to this as they know also that there are women who can be considered some of the worst drivers too. One has to remember that the women are more practical when making purchases on their street rods. Unless you’re a millionaire or an heiress or someone who just won the lottery, one cannot simply buy a sports car out of the blue.

By getting less expensive vehicles, women are more likely to get lower insurance rates. And it is believed that a woman doesn’t tend to purchase an extended warranty either. Women look more at the practical side of getting a street rod compared to men. For them, as long as that car brings them to their point of destination, it’s fine with them. For men, they want to know every nook and cranny of the car and its features and how to troubleshoot simple mechanical problems. They can spend the whole weekend in their garage just to tinker on their prized possession.

The list will go on and on, with the feminists presenting their side that they are better drivers than the male ones. The male population will not go down without a fight saying that the women cannot even fix their own cars and can also be worse drivers than men.

What’s funny is that at the end of the day, these two genders will come together and be friends, even lovers and will momentarily forget the discussion on insurance rates. Some will even realize the strategic partnership they have, and that they are going to make a strategy out of it and will use that to their advantage.

Women can purchase the insurance and both of them can be on the policy and consider this as their conjugal property. Their practicality and budgeting expertise rules on this. When this happens, there must be a clear communication and agreement between the partners on how are they going to share the expenses and the car.

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