Tips for Finding Cheaper Car Insurance

Anybody can look online and find some auto insurance quotes, but finding the lowest rates can take a little more effort. Here are some tips for finding cheaper auto insurance.

First, remember to really shop around. Did you realize that some companies will charge 2 or 3 times as much for the same amount of coverage? By actually comparing prices for specific coverage, you will be able to see which companies have cheaper car insurance. Your current company may be offering incentives to new customers, and you may be able to negotiate those same low rates for yourself as well.

Second, when you look around at the different companies, you need to give them enough information to get accurate quotes at a lower rate. Without knowing your marital status, zip code, number of miles driven annually and special safety features that your car has, most companies will quote you a higher premium rate. By providing as much detail as possible and asking about every possible discount, you will get a better rate.

Next, think about raising the deductible amount you are required to pay. Unless you have a bank loan on your vehicle, you should be able to raise your deductible and get a lower rate. For example, you may spend as much as one hundred dollars or more on the same amount of insurance if your deductible is only $250 than you would if you raised it to $500. In a couple of years, you would have more than made back the difference, but do remember that it means that you need the financial reserves available in the case of an accident.

Fourth, if your driving habits have changed because of a job change or because you now ride in the van-pool, you can get a low mileage discount with many insurance companies. Keeping the miles low on your car will also increase the life and value of your car, so it makes good sense.

Fifth, think about switching which driver is insured on which vehicle as the main driver. For instance, you may find that you receive a lower quote if a female is insured on the truck and the male on the sedan. Be sure to put your kids on the car with the lowest value to get the best quote.

As you can see, these tips can help you find cheaper car insurance if you follow them as you shop online for the best rates that are available.

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