Top 5 Things to Consider in a Home Insurance Policy

We may define the meaning of a “home” differently but all people know the value that their homes possess. It is a fortress, a base of operations, an inner sanctum, a safe place that we adore and have built meaning and attachment to. With this value comes a great need to protect it, and best most sure-fire way to do so is with home insurance. However, there is more to HOI (Homeowner’s Insurance) and the challenge of choosing the right plan and insurance policy can seem pretty daunting. We try to make it easier by outlining the top five tips to consider in choosing the right home insurance policy for your needs.

Tip 1) Consider your home’s worth: By analyzing the value of your assets and how much it would cost to fix or replace them will help determine the cost of your policy. This includes knowing what type of house your home is, its location, and the value and ease of acquisition of some of your most valuable possessions. Since your policy cost will reflect all of these factors, leave some room for adjustments in inflation. The best way to go about this appraisal is by doing an entire home inventory, and most insurance providers can give you further more detailed instruction on how to conduct one.

Tip 2) Read your policy thoroughly: Most policies cover events like theft, vandalism, snow damage, explosion, fire, and windstorms. Be especially careful about personal liability issues. To be insured for additional circumstances, such as flood, and important valuable items (like antiques, expensive furniture), expect to pay extra for the service to be included in the overall HOI.

Tip 3) Replacement Cost Actual Costs: There are important differences when it comes to how much insurance will cost for the above mentioned additional property items. The Replacement cost means the price paid to buy the item brand new, in pristine condition. Actual value, however, represents the price you would receive if your item was sold now, in its current condition and is often cheaper to purchase since the items tends to devalue over time. Therefore, sometimes insurance companies will opt to pay for the actual value instead of the replacement cost, since it’s a better bargain for them. Again, be cautious and careful with the insurance policy wording!

Tip 4) Liability Insurance is WORTH it. It is an important purchase for a number of reasons; without it, many of your prized assets could be liquidated to pay for the cost of any legal actions and lawsuits against you for injuries that have taken place inside your home.

Tip 5) Focus on Value – not Price! With the many insurance providers available, the price of home insurance should remain relative to the value of your home. Don’t skimp out on the price and be shorthanded with value. Look for the value of the insurance policy, provider, and the insurance companies’ service record. Reliability in processing claims is very important and comparing coverage offer and quality will help you maximize on your dollar.

Hopefully with these 5 helpful pointers, you will be on your way to finding the most affordable home insurance for your specific needs. Ultimately, use your common sense and go with what you think is best for your home and property assets. Ideally, you want the cheapest home insurance quotes for the most value package.

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