Using Online Insurers For Better Rates

It’s that time of the year. You receive your auto insurance renewal in the mail and your rate went up again. You feel you can find better quotes somewhere else, but you hate the hassle of pulling out the phone book and calling all over town, or worse, drive all over town.

Soon it will be a winter wonderland. Fall has come and winter is right around the corner. Don’t spend needless time fighting cold, rain, or snow to get auto quotes.

Fortunately for you there is a better way. While there have been some insurance companies that can do online quotes, it’s hard to find an independent agent who is online that can broker from any state with multiple companies.

How To Get the Cheapest Rates

One effective method of reducing the monthly expense of car insurance is to increase your deductibles. This will provide you big savings, especially if your driving history is less than perfect.

Just keep in mind that your deductible is the amount you are responsible to pay if you have a claim. If you are confident that it is unlikely you will be in an accident (no one ever knows for sure) then raising your deductibles might be a valid option for you.

Keep in mind that medical coverage isn’t just for you; it’s for any passengers in your car. If you frequently have riders who will not be covered under your health insurance, you may want to consider keeping that coverage.

Do you have excellent low-cost health insurance? If so, you may want to consider lowering or dropping your medical coverage if that is allowed in your state (some states it is required).

Features and Benefits

Do consider all the extra options. You might save a dollar here or there by excluding any extras, but the convenience of having them may quickly outweigh the cost.

Rental car coverage is one to consider. This provides you with a rental if your car is in the shop for a claim and you need to get back and forth to work or get the kids back and forth to school and activities. Life cannot stop just because your car was in an accident. The cost to rent a car on your own could cost you hundreds…far more than the coverage would cost on your policy.

Roadside assistance is another to consider. It can cost upwards of $100 or more to be towed, if you have this coverage, you would have a lot more back in your pocket.

To get better rates and to get maximized benefits, it’s worth shopping online to find what your best premium may be, and to also compare coverage amounts and benefits of each policy before deciding on price alone.

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