What Are Your 4×4 Accessories Worth?

Insuring your four wheel drive is common practice amongst most people these days. However, what does that insurance cover? Did you know that any modification or accessory that is fitted to your vehicle needs to be reported to the insurance company? This ranges from engine modifications through to a suspension or body lift, bar work, interior modifications, spotlights, diff lockers and the list goes on. If you don’t notify your insurance company about every single modification then they are often able to get out of paying for your claim (even if it is just for those items).

Every modification and accessory that you add to your four wheel drive should increase its value, and you should ensure that these are included in your policy. Most insurance companies will give a lee way for additions to your vehicle, but in many cases a four wheel drive with over a few thousand dollars of modifications will not have everything covered. I much prefer to go with agreed value insurance, meaning you can tell them how much you want the vehicle to be insured for. Make sure that you add every modification into that agreed value, so the car is insured for something appropriate.

If you don’t do this, then you will find that the amount of money paid out in the case of an accident will not replace your car and the modifications that were included. I would highly recommend even putting you’re agreed value up more than what you think is correct, because in terms of the extra premiums you pay you are still getting great value. From memory it was only about $70 a year to increase the agreed value of my four wheel drive several thousand dollars. Have a think about how much depreciation is going to occur on the four wheel drive that you own. By having a market value insurance policy, you might save a bit on your premium as it drops each year, but is it going to cover enough? I know I would rather pay that little bit extra to ensure that in the event of an accident I am paid out well and truly enough to cover the losses.

It’s generally not just the monetary losses that hurt, but the time and effort that it takes to get familiar with your vehicle, and do those little ‘fine touches’ which make it a great car to travel in. I know that you can’t put a price on that; make sure you take the time to get the right policy!

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