What to Do When Car Insurance Companies Call You

Car insurance companies are always looking for potential clients hence you may receive a telephone call out of the blue one day from an insurance representative who will endeavour to sell vehicle cover to you. If you get a phone call like this there are two things you can do. Either you can listen to what they have to say or you can tell the person you are not interested.

A lot of the time, ‘cold calling’ as it is often referred to, is a nuisance particularly if you did nothing to initiate it and happen to be busy, or expecting another call, when the insurance rep dials your number. Of course, everyone knows that car insurance companies, like most commercial enterprises, are only trying to make a living but there is something about an unsolicited phone call that has a tendency to get a person’s back up, so to speak. Perhaps it is because it is not as easy to ignore an unsolicited call as an email or cellular text message. The latter you can simply delete if you are not interested but it is not so easy to put the phone down when there is a human being on the other end.

Then again, lots of folks have no qualms about telling a cold caller in no uncertain terms that they are not interested in a product, service or special offer. However, there are times when an unsolicited phone call can be to your advantage hence you owe it you yourself to at least listen to what the rep has to say. Even if you already possess an automobile insurance policy it could be that you are paying too much for the cover and might benefit from a review of your policy.

If you have not looked at the terms of your vehicle insurance policy for over a year, it may be time to review it. Time passes and circumstances change yet we are often too busy living our lives to pay attention to paperwork that may require adjustment. However, this is precisely what we should be doing because it will be too late to make changes if disaster strikes and we need to put in an insurance claim. Therefore, it may be in your best interests not to put the phone down straight away when reps from car insurance companies call. If you are busy at the time you can always ask them to call you back which they most certainly are likely to want to do if there is a chance they might be able to get your business.

Ask the car insurance rep to give you a quote based on your situation as it relates to your automobile at the present time and use it to determine whether or not your current vehicle cover is still adequate. There is no harm in asking for a quotation because you are not obliged to accept it but bear in mind that you will have to give the rep all your particulars, accurately and in full, in order to be able to get a decent comparison quote to work from.

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