What To Do When You Get Pulled Over Driving

It’s that time again-the end of the month, when all the patrol cars are out in force, and it’s almost certain they’ll find something to cite you with, if you let down your guard just a little bit. From speeding tickets to warnings about turning signals, seatbelts or almost anything else you can think of, there will be many things to watch out for to avoid having to deal with a ticket and the consequences that may bring. In an effort to prepare you for the worst, however, consider the following things that you should remember in the case that you actually do get pulled over.

Probably the best thing you can remember when you first see those flashing lights in your rear view mirror is to stay calm. Find the next possible place to pull over, and immediately brake to let the officer know that you are pulling over for him. Try to take deep breaths so that you won’t be too upset when the officer comes to your window. Keep your seatbelt on, so that he can see that you are following that rule of the road.

Things like these may seem to be trivial. But the truth is that staying calm can be the best thing you do to show the officer that you are willing to conform with the law. Too often, they find themselves up against hysterical people, who, in the heat of the moment, scramble too quickly to find their license, registration, and other documents that they can hardly keep themselves together.

Before you drive anywhere, make sure that your glove box is well-organized. Keep your insurance documents and proof of registration where you can grab it easily, so that you don’t have to waste time searching through all the garbage that so easily can collect in the glove box. As you wait for the officer to come over to your car, roll down the driver side window, and be ready to hand him the papers he will ask you for.

Always be truthful. A police officer works with enough people to be able to tell which are telling the truth and which are not. Let him know what the situation really is, and kindly take his advice, warning, ticket, or whatever he may give you.

As you pull away, the best thing you can do is learn from the experience. If you get nabbed for speeding too quickly through a residential area, do your best to refrain from doing so on your next trip. Check your seatbelt, and make sure that all the passengers in your car are well-buckled in before you head out onto the road. Follow what rules and regulations can be found out there on the road, and never ever drive under the influence of any alcohol, drug, or other substance.

If you drive responsibly, you will decrease your chances of being pulled over. However, to prepare you for those circumstances you don’t always anticipate, take the tips we have presented here and be ready for the situation that may occur.

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