Why Aggressive Driving Is Becoming The Norm

Aggressive driving is more prevalent on the roadways today than ever. It can be dangerous to drive home from work in some cities due to the number of aggressive drivers on the road. Populations are expanding faster than the infrastructure, and traffic jams, long waiting lines at tolls, and a nonstop rush hour have hindered safe drivers.

In fact, safe drivers often feel threatened according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Those who slow down, act in accordance with weather conditions, and take the time to signal before a lane change are often tailgated and beeped at in a threatening manner.

Road rage and highway aggression is a serious threat to public safety. With vehicular accidents on the rise and death tolls climbing it is necessary to take action. Yet getting the entire population to slow down is a huge challenge. Cell phone use, jam packed schedules, and general anxiety all create a need to rush from one location to another while moderately paying attention to the road.

Eating on the run and texting while driving are two of the most dangerous daily activities that drivers participate in. With higher speeds and more to do the chances of an accident have increased significantly. Because of the increase in drivers posing a hazard with their actions, many states now offer various insurance incentives to slow down and be more cautious. NY, CA, and NJ auto insurance companies have higher legal coverage requirements due to the increase in danger.

Many experts and sociologists have concluded that the problem lies in the “instant access” society that has developed. Claims that the public is not able to develop patience and care due to having everything at their fingertips have been taken seriously by some experts.

When a society is always able to receive most of what they want or need instantly the entire society becomes at risk for increased aggression. When people can’t have what they want at their fingertips frustration develops and causes many individuals to resort to some form of violence.

Even road rage has been linked to a faster paced society even though the term was used more than a decade ago. With an increased awareness on the potential effects of society’s ability to get instant access there is a greater likelihood that individuals will take on the responsibility of being more careful. Education about the changing social environment could potentially help reduce the rate of anger expressed behind the wheel.

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