Why Being Married Can Lower Your Car Insurance Prices

Couples that plan on getting married must take into consideration the financial discounts they could be eligible to receive on their car insurance. Many couples that get married own separate cars with separate insurance policies. In this day and age, many partners both work and therefore need to keep both vehicles. Many insurance companies provide discounts based on marital status. Age is not a factor. No matter what stage in life you get married you most likely would qualify for the discount. Partners should check with their current carriers to see if they qualify. It is also a good idea for newlyweds to compare rates with other car insurance companies. Comparing car insurance online is easy. Simply go to a insurance comparison site and fill out the necessary information. You should be given quotes from several companies in no time.

Why do insurance companies offer lower rates for married couples? The answer to this question is easy. Married partners are thought of as being “settled down” therefore most insurance companies consider them to be safer drivers. However, there are a few issues that might affect whether the bride and groom will save money by combining their coverage to one policy. For example, if one or both of the drivers has a bad driving record then it could mean higher insurance rates compared to couples who have clean records. Agents label these types of policies as high risk.

Most car insurance policies cover everyone in the household whether married or not. If there is a person living with you that has a poor driving record and you claim that person on your insurance as someone who might drive the car then your policy will most likely be put at high risk and in turn raise your premiums. There are ways to lower your premium if you fall under this category. An example would be if one spouse has bad driving record, sometimes insurance companies will allow them to can take a safety driving course to help lower their premium payment.

Couples tend to not think about what would happen to their insurance policy if they get a divorce. Among other ways, divorce can cause a heavy burden on people buy increasing their insurance premiums. This happens because once divorced their joint policy becomes an individual policy. They lose the marital discount and must take the higher rate policy. If this happens your best bet is to begin your search for a new insurance company and like I said before the easiest way to do this is by comparing premiums online.

Remember the most important thing to do is get some form of auto coverage. Do not let shopping for car insurance stress you out. Take advantage of internet searches and websites to help you compare quotes. Get Free Car Insurance Quotes

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