Why Get Renters Insurance, If You Don’t Know What You Own?

Why get renters insurance was a question that you did not even have to ask yourself when you moved into your new rented apartment. You knew that for the cost of a meal at a fast food restaurant, you could obtain protection for all the belongings that you had amassed over the years. These possessions represented lots of your work and more than just a little sweat from your brow.

One day, suddenly, misfortune struck. Your next door neighbor, a smoker, accidentally lit a trash can on fire. Within an hour, all of your things went up in flames. The only proof of their earlier existence was the ashes that were spread throughout your well-appointed and tidy apartment. Today was the definitive answer to the question, why get insurance for renters?

Although you had been conscientious and prudent in your decision to purchase insurance, you didn’t take the necessary steps to make sure that (in the event of a disaster)you would be able to collect on your policy and recoup the value of the destroyed items. After you answered the question of why get insurance in the affirmative, you did not take the time and have the discipline necessary to make a full inventory of the contents of your apartment. Now, apart from the obvious items, like the television and furniture, you have to put together a list of things that you use to own from memory. How much and what kind of jewelry did you have? What was the dollar value of your clothing? What was the worth of your sound system and your CD collection? If you had all of this information recorded somewhere things would have went a lot more smoothly during the process of your recovery from the incident.

To know why to get renters insurance is not enough. Once you get it, you must prepare yourself to be able to use it as it is intended to be put to use.

In order to keep track of your belongings, you might want to create categories into which they all can be classified, inventoried and valued. This might work, for example:

• Art Supplies
• Bathroom / Cleaning Supplies
• Books/CDs/DVDs
• Camping Gear
• Cash/Rare Coins/Stamps/Archaeological treasures
• Clothes/Shoes
• Computer Equipment
• Decorations/Statues/Paintings/Frames
• Electronics
• Furniture
• Guns/Amo/Swords/Body Armor/Security Systems
• House Plants/Garden Supplies
• Kitchen appliances
• Kitchenware
• Lamps
• Major Appliances
• Medicines/Vitamins
• Music Equipment
• Musical Instruments
• Office Supplies
• Rugs/Curtains/Linens
• Software
• Tools
• Toys/Gadgets/Sports Equipment/Weights

Why get insurance, if you don’t know what you own? That’s a good question. Not knowing what you have defeats the purpose behind buying the renters insurance, to a great extent. Don’t get caught unprepared for an emergency. Buy insurance for renters and make sure that you do an inventory of what you have.

The unexpected can happen to anyone. And if it does, those without insurance will be left with an out-of-pocket expense. Have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are covered and buy insurance online today.

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