Women’s Car Insurance

Whether you’re zipping around town, picking up the children from school, perhaps rushing off a meeting, running off to work, or catching up on chatter with family or friends, women often lead hectic lives. Having a vehicle is vital for most women, few can afford to be without one in the case of an accident or theft — so car insurance is a necessity. Luckily, women’s car insurance premiums may often be cheaper than those which are available for men.

It’s always possible to get standard auto insurance from a wide range of providers, and certainly, some insurers are starting to offer insurance policies tailored to women. The policy content is likely to be similar to your regular car insurance coverage, but it’s definitely worth checking out some special women’s car insurance offers in order to see if you can find a considerably better deal.

Why do companies target women drivers for any of these special offers? Many people may argue the point that statistically, women drivers (in general) are less of a risk, this is something that insurers have long recognized. If you are a newer driver, car insurance may be more costly than for a “veteran”, so you may want to get several quotes it may be worthwhile checking out special insurers that can cater to women, or businesses which are actively trying to get more female policy holders.

If you’re getting your first car insurance policy, you may need to decide what level of coverage you require. Third Party Injury (it’s known as CTP — Compulsory Third Party) is, as the name indicated, a compulsory insurance which covers personal injury to other people, as a result of your driving. You will need to have this type of policy in place in order to get your car registered. Other than that mainstay, you do have an option of taking out Comprehensive, Third Party Property, or Third Party Property (along with Fire and Theft).

Comprehensive is just as it sounds — and it’s the most total in terms of what it does cover, it’s also the most costly, especially for younger drivers. If you’re looking for the apex of protection, or your vehicle has significant value, or it’s under a loan contract, comprehensive coverage is the insurance you’ll need to purchase. Third Party Property offers the distinct advantage (in this economy), of a lower price — but it only covers damage to other people’s vehicles in case of an accident. With Third Party Property, as well as with Fire and Theft, you are covered in the case of fire damage, or theft of your personal car, but not for any damage caused by a collision of some kind.

Whatever level of coverage you need, looking around will garner you an excellent deal in women’s car insurance.

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