How Seniors And Retirees Can Get A Better Deal On Their Home Insurance

Home insurance for retirees is, in its basic form, very much the same as any other homeowner’s insurance policy. The difference becomes apparent when you look into the extras that some insurance carriers offer retirees, in addition to the basic coverage. Extra discounts and lowest comparable policy price guarantees are usually offered to retirees and seniors, as well as very low-cost additional coverage for loss of your personal items, home and fixture repairs, accidental breakage and spills, even including some medical expenses.

Most agencies and brokers employ specialists in home insurance especially for seniors and retirees. These professionals are ready and able to answer any and all questions you may have about your policy and coverage. These specialists are skilled at matching retirees with the exact benefits they need to insure a care free retirement. Rather than advise you on what coverage you should buy, they will guide you through the selection process by explaining your options and answering your questions, and then allowing you the time to make an informed decision.

Home insurance for retirees has standard coverage options that include unlimited sums for the repair and replacement of the main structure, public liability, coverage for other buildings on the property, fixed glass, and temporary alternative living expenses should you not be able to reside in your home while repairs are underway. The policy will protect you should any of the following cause the damages: vandalism, riots or theft, fire, flood, water, storms and impact.

Accidental coverage is also a standard part of home insurance for retirees. Some of the items insured under this portion of the policy include: accidental damage to home fixtures, carpets, pipes and cables, as well as burns to kitchen surfaces and food loss replacement. Damage and breakage of home décor and furniture, televisions and other entertainment equipment are also covered if the cause is related to other losses eligible under the standard coverage discussed above. Additional accidental coverage may be added that will cover small, personal, in-home accidents such as cleaning a stain from your carpet, replacing a broken collectible or repair or replacement of your prescription eyeglasses. To take it one step further, again for a small monthly premium increase, personal possessions that you take along when traveling, such as cameras or bicycles, can also be protected under accidental losses, while being used outside the home.

Home insurance for seniors also offers a few unique coverage options that, of course, are offered for a small additional fee as an add-on to the standard policy. These coverage extensions include emergency repair and contractor fees, personal liability and negligence, identity theft, broken bones, golf equipment, fishing tackle, appliance matching and personal legal protection.

The advantages seniors receive with full coverage home insurance are evident in the extras you will be offered, for a reasonable rate, as a member of the age 50+ generations. Most insurers realize that people over age 50 are the least likely to incur claims for anything short of a natural disaster and they offer consideration accordingly. Maybe it’s not so bad to be older after all; home insurance for retirees sure makes it worth it!

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