Progressive Auto Insurance Products and Services From One Of The Top US Insurance Companies

Ever since 1937, Progressive auto insurance products and solutions have been available to customers. Progressive Insurance began as a small insurer, but is now one of the largest auto insurance companies, with a choice of products including pet insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurances, auto insurance and many other insurance policy packages. From these humble beginnings, Progressive has expanded and now has over 450 offices and employs 25,000 people.

Benefits of Progressive Insurance

Progressive gives coverage to match a wide selection of car owner requirements and budgets, and you are dealing with an award-winning, trusted and imaginative insurer. As a customer, there are many discounts and flexible policies to choose from.

Safer motorists are rewarded also, by obtaining cheaper insurance. Progressive make it simpler for drivers and potential customers to acquire insurance coverage quotations and cope with claims by means of their website, call centers and network of agents.

Different kinds of automobile insurance from Progressive

Progressive offer you numerous high-quality insurance coverage products and expert advice, to match various car owner requirements. The different types of insurance they offer include the following:

– Liability such as bodily injury and property damage
– Comprehensive coverage
– Collision insurance policies
– Under insured and / or Uninsured car owner coverage
– Equipment and custom made parts protection
– Loan and lease payoff for customers with Comprehensive and Collision coverage
– Medical payments cover for car owners hurt in accidents.
– Rental reimbursement if you will need to hire a car
– Roadside assistance, that you can buy when you have Comprehensive Collision coverage
– Insurance coverage of pets that get wounded in an auto accident

Coverage discount rates from Progressive

Car owners can easily obtain a broad variety of special discounts through Progressive auto insurance. Vehicle accident forgiveness, home owners discount and covering more than one car are just a few of the rate reductions available. You can get an Esign discount of $50, if you actually sign your own insurance policy documents on the internet. In the event that you pay your insurance coverage up-front, you can easily additionally obtain a lowered rate. Snapshot Discounts coming from Progressive rewards very good motorists by means of a significant discount up to 30%.

Progressive office locations

The Progressive head office is based in Mayfield Village, Ohio. An individual can easily obtain a Progressive policy in each state, through their offices as well as agents throughout the US. Progressives internet site helps make it easy and handy to purchase the insurance policy you really want in any state.

Getting A Quotation

Progressive has advanced to take care of the insurance coverage needs of consumers. You’ll find different methods for you to get a quotation. They will permit an individual to get insurance quotations through their website, on the telephone or even by contacting an agent.

It’s additionally possible to find insurance quotes when you are on the go, using Progressives most up-to-date mobile software you can install on your cellular phone. You also can make use of Progressives ‘Name Your Price’ option to find a lot more cost-effective insurance coverage. Basically enter the amount you can pay for insurance, and you will be able to figure out what insurance coverage you can obtain for this amount from Progressive

Accolades and customer service

This insurance provider has picked up many accolades over the last couple of years. The Keynote Systems Q2 2011 award for best car insurance internet site went to Progressive, and they have won each of the score cards for this since 2004. Their round the clock customer support sections and claims help desks make it extremely convenient and easy to deal with Progressive.

Employment in Progressive

For a lot of employees, working with Progressive is a lot like being part of a family unit, where by they concentrate upon consumer demands and new technologies. The employment opportunities web page on the Progressive auto insurance website provides the most recent careers available.

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