The Cost Of Living By State For USA Foreigners

Once you arrived in the USA, you will discover a different lifestyle compared with the one in your country, whatever that might be. For example, a Japanese tourist might have more gadgets and cameras compared with the average American, but you can photograph much more things in America. The Scandinavian people would find a country where the cost of living by state is lower than theirs, but they will be amazed by the warm and welcoming attitude of the Americans. The citizens of the European countries will find a place where you don’t need to spend all your salary on food and utilities, and the south Americans will have the freedom to say anything without being afraid. In any case, USA is a fascinating country for every visitor.

The cost of living by state depends on may factors. It is one thing to live in a calamite area such as Louisiana where the government tries to attract people by offering great living conditions, cheap houses and facilities for opening businesses, and it is a different thing to live in a crowded place like new york and Los Angeles where the rents are higher than 3000 dollars a month for a decent apartment.

You might be amazed by the tendency of Americans to live in rented houses. While people all over the world are trying to buy the house they are living in, the Americans could easily live for a lifetime in a rented house. This perspective affects the cost of living by state. In some states where this propriety feeling is more developed, such as Texas and Mississippi, the cost of living by state is smaller, and the prices for the houses is smaller also. On the other hand, if you are living in an area such as Chicago or Dallas metropolitan areas where a decent apartment costs more than 200 000 dollars, you won’t be tempted to buy the home you are living in. This is why people afford more money to spend on fun and entertainment, so the cost of living by state is significantly higher because of this.

The cost of living by state depends on the expectancies of the people. The states with a large number of big cities have a higher cost, but you will also find more entertainment options. A ticket to the theatre costs 50 dollars, while a ticket to a common movie in a small city of Utah would never cost more than 5 dollars.

The food costs about the same in all the states of America. The average American spends 500 dollars for food each month, but if you are on a tight budget, you could live with 200 dollars without starving.

The rents are different from one city to another, and from one state to another. While you could live with 400 dollars for a small apartment in Wichita, the rent for a Malibu villa goes way over 5000 dollars. As a newcomer in USA, you will not have that kind of money, but you can easily find a decent place to stay for 300 dollars.

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