Vehicle Registration

The number of instances of individuals suffering at the hands of fraudulent sellers when buying a used car is increasing. A survey of 1000 Australians indicated that 6% knew a person in their family who had been cheated when buying a used car in the past 12 months. 44% of those surveyed said that they were concerned about being conned when purchasing a used vehicle.

However, just 16% of the total respondents said that they would conduct a check of the vehicle registration and further check the written off status of the vehicle. These two steps happen to form the core of any and every safe used car purchase transaction. Despite growing concern, there is very little awareness of the actual steps to be taken to ensure one does not get cheated when registering the vehicle.

There is an added risk to the already risky used vehicle market. Vehicles that were damaged by the recent floods are being written off, refurbished and resold in the market. This is not a bad thing per se but the refurbishment being carried out involves nothing more than just drying the vehicle and ensuring that the engine will start properly.

A water damaged vehicle requires a lot of work, especially if it has been written off by the insurers. Minimum expenses and zero emphasis on safety provides maximum profit to the seller but the end result is that the buyer ends up with a virtual death trap. Due to lack of awareness, the fact that the vehicle has been written off is conveniently concealed.

The onus is upon the buyer to check the details of the registration of the car to find out whether it had been written off at any point of time in the past. If so, the details of the event must be obtained and one must check whether the same has been conveyed by the seller. The best part is that bulk of this information can be found online without any difficulty.

It is also possible to keep track of such accidents by getting vehicle registration information as early as possible. One just has to insist on getting documentary proof of the registration as early as possible. To end up being saddled with a flood damaged car does not make sense. The right option is to use the web to understand the risks and take steps to tackle the same so that one purchases the best vehicle for the lowest price.

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