Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

We all could use some tips and tricks for ways to save money on auto insurance. Because millions of Americans have to have it, it makes sense to do a little homework to find out how to save a lot of money.

Here’s a few tips I’ve come across that can literally save you thousands of dollars. Everything depends on your specific situation, but I can pretty much guarantee these methods will help you save some big bucks.

You probably already know this, but the first and most important thing you can do is to shop around. There are dozens of auto insurance companies out there, not just the ones that you see on TV! In fact, a lot of the lowest rates will be found with companies that aren’t all over the TV or sending you mail every week. Because these companies spend a lot less on advertising, they have lower overhead and can offer you lower rates.

The best two ways to shop around are to ask friends and look online. By asking friends, you can have a trusted opinion about the ethics and prices of different auto insurance companies. You may even get some kind of discount for yourself or your friend if you mention that they referred you. If you decide to look online, check out sites such as your state insurance department, A.M. Best, or Standard Poor’s. The more places you look, the better your chances to save tons of money.

Another great way to save money on auto insurance begins with the car buying process. Once you’ve selected the company you want to work with, get auto insurance quotes for each type of car you’re thinking of getting. You’ll generally find that the more expensive cars have much higher premiums. Also, cars that are certain colors (such as red) or go very fast like sports cars will have much higher premiums. If you really need to save money, stick with a less exciting color vehicle that is reliable but not super fast!

One way to save money on car insurance that you probably already know about is to use a higher deductible. This means that if you have an accident, you are responsible for paying a larger portion of the damages. While this may not sound like a good idea, in the long run it usually makes sense for good drivers. As long as you don’t have an accident for a long time, the savings you have on your monthly premium will more than make up for the higher deductible you have to pay if you do have a fender bender.

Reduce the amount of insurance coverage on older cars that you’re driving. Cars lose their value very fast, and it just doesn’t make sense for you to have expensive insurance on a car worth less than $2,000! In cases like this it just isn’t worth it, and if you do have an accident it might be more worthwhile to use the insurance money to get a new (for you) vehicle.

How is your credit record? Believe it or not, this can give you a significant discount on your auto insurance every year. Simply by paying all of your bills and credit cards on time, you’ll build a great credit record and could lower auto insurance premiums.

One good way to save money on auto insurance is to use the same company for both auto and home insurance. Because so many Americans are homeowners, they will usually have both types of insurance anyways. By using the same company for both, you can save hundreds or even thousands per year just with this one little trick.

Finally, be sure to ask for as many discounts as you can. For example, if you don’t drive the car many miles each year, you might get a discount. If you’re a student with good grades or have taken a driver’s education class you can get a discount. Some insurance companies offer a military discount. It never hurts to ask, and that’s what your insurance agent is there for!

Good luck, now go save money with these ways to save money on car insurance!

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